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Girl falls back in love with same man after losing memory

Girl falls back in love with same man after losing memory
Girl falls back in love with same man after losing memory

An indecisive hairdresser from Pakenham, Suffolk, has accidentally fallen in love with the same man that her amnesia caused her to forget about.

Joanne Speckles (18), ‘forgot’ that she was going out with her boyfriend Kevin Spratt (20), after bumping into an ex at a birthday party.

The devoted couple were only reunited in love when Kevin convinced ‘his girl’ that they had been seeing each other for nine months, were living together, and were ‘in love.’ Kev, a painter and decorator who went to school with Joanne, told this reporter how the story began two nights ago at a party the couple attended together. “We were at a mate, Jamie’s eighteenth. Joanne & I were in love. It was a great party, but around 1 a.m., Jo went missing. By about 2, I was getting worried and looked for Jamie to ask him if he’d seen her, but he was missing too. I kept looking for Jo and Jamie but couldn’t find either of them. Eventually, I had to leave the party on my own.”

Hmmm. Go on…

“Yesterday morning, about 10 a.m., Joanne finally came home to our flat. She looked knackered, like she’s been up all night. I told her how worried I was, and asked her where she’d been. ‘I can’t remember’ she replied. what do you mean you can’t remember? Kev, or… whoever you are.’ She’d even forgotten who I was. It was so weird!”

Then what happened?

“She explained that all she could remember was that she was at the party talking to Jamie – her ex – and the next thing she could remember was getting a cab home that morning. I thought it was a bit weird that, having lost her memory, she could still remember where we lived, but I guess that’s just how amnesia works.”

I don’t think so, Kev, but go on…

“Anyway, I made us both a cup of tea and began to explain who she was, her background, and our history together and everything. She was yawning a lot but I put that down to her having been out all night. Anyway, after about half an hour, she began to get her memory back until – b’doing! She remembered everything – well, apart from where she was last night, but, we were back in love again so I didn’t care. She’s fallen in love with me twice! I’m so lucky!”

Of course she fell in love with same man

We asked Kev if we could speak to Joanne herself but he told us “She’s just popped out back ‘round Jamie’s. She reckons she left her phone there. She’s so forgetful, lol!”

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