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Children banned from all Suffolk pubs

Children banned from pubs

Children are being banned from all Suffolk pubs so customers can enjoy their food and drink in peace, it has emerged.

New legislation enforced by the Suffolk Pub Landlords Association means parents will be ordered to leave their youngsters in the car park.

In the good old days kids were routinely dumped outside to play in the traffic with a bottle of Coke and a packet of crisps.

But then they began kicking and screaming their way into the pubs.

Before long adults could not hear themselves at the bar over the din of loud-talking or screaming children.

Now grown ups have won their long-fought campaign to keep public houses child free.

“This is a victory for commons sense,” said pub regular Steve Walshe from Woodbridge.

“When I go out I want a quiet pint with my mates, and I do not to expect to be sitting in the middle of a crèche.

“Some parents let their kids get away with murder when they should be sitting quietly. Kids should be seen and not heard – and preferably only seen in the car park.”

But mummy groups on Facebook were furious with the news, claiming it is like something from Victorian Britain.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, who runs YummyMumsNet, a successful online community for yummy mummies, was outraged.

“I am fuming,” she said. “If I want to take little Archie to the local gastro pub for a kale and spinach sandwich, then I shall.

“These men would probably want smoking allowed in pubs again as well.”

Parents will now look for different ways to entertain their kids on a budget.

The news comes after it emerged Waitrose was trialing special cages outside its Ipswich store in which unruly children can be stored.

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