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Apathy Society meeting cancelled owing to lack of interest

This month’s meeting of the Stowmarket Apathy Society was cancelled owing to a lack of interest, it has been revealed.

Nobody bothered turning up for the event, which was supposed to be staged last night in Stowmarket Library.

Organiser Derek Bright told the Suffolk Gazette: “It’s often quite difficult to motivate the membership to attend our monthly meetings.

“It’s disappointing, because there are many apathetic matters that we need to address.

“But if nobody makes the effort, what’s the point of it all?”

Mr Bright has now scheduled the next meeting for 7.30pm on June 16.

“It gives members plenty of time to think of a reason why they should not bother attending again,” he sighed.

Housewife Lorraine Fisher, 34, explained: “I was meant to go to the meeting but I simply couldn’t be arsed.

“There really isn’t a purpose to the Apathy Society anyway. If there was, nobody has been bothered to tell me.”

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