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6 Fun and Engaging Ways to Spend More Time as a Family

6 Fun and Engaging Ways to Spend More Time as a Family
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If you feel like you do not have enough time to spend with your family, you are not alone. Many parents have this common challenge because of how busy their lives are and how much they have to do in a given day. Many of them are torn between working long days and not spending enough time with their family. Spending time with your family has lots of benefits, some of which include building better relationships and understanding each other better, something that becomes more important as kids age and change. Here are some of the best ways to spend quality time together as a family.

Watch Something Together

We have all heard that screen time is not good for family relationships and dynamics. There are numerous options for those who want to sneak away from some screen time including game consoles, TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets.

The main problem with such screen time is that it is isolating. It can mean socialising online without spending time in the physical presence of someone else, or total isolation in case one is engaged in solo activities.

Watching something together can seem like a lazy waste of time, but it does not have to be. Doing so allows you to not only enjoy something fun together but to also talk. Enjoying the same shows, laughing at the same jokes and spending time like this can lead to stronger bonds.

If you can afford it, schedule some time to see a film at the cinema together. Ensure you choose something everyone will like and that is appropriate for all members of the family.

Have Meals Together Regularly

Sometimes we are so busy that we overlook spending time over a meal, or we are so tired at the end of the day that doing so becomes difficult. However, doing so can give you additional time to spend and bond with the family.

Try to eat at least one meal with the kids. That could be breakfast for dinner where everyone gathers around to be together in the evening. In cases where one partner is late for dinner, the other should try to make meals a regular part of your routine. Gather the kids and sit down together for the meal.

Eating dinner together is an especially good choice because you have a lot more time to ask open-ended questions and learn what is going on in your kids’ lives before heading to bed. It also establishes a routine where everyone knows what is expected of them.

Play a Board Game

The devices we own have made board games seem like something people only used to do in the past. While most board games are now available on our devices, it is still a good idea to play regular board games with your kids.

Playing a board game where everyone can participate means there will be talking, laughter and excitement when one wins. Such experiences can leave your kids with memories of a happy childhood, and this is why they are important.

Your kids will likely get disinterested in the board games you regularly play as they get older. It is, therefore, a good idea to pick games that are appropriate and challenging for their age. An option is asking them what games they would like to play outside electronic games.

A great place to start when choosing games for older kids is strategy games like chess. Such games also have the additional benefit of teaching them patience, strategic and critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Be Engaged in Their Hobbies

Hobbies are important for younger kids who are developing their interests. Even though it might seem like their hobbies and interests change every month, it is still a good idea to be engaged. A half hour doing something they love can go a long way in improving your relationship and bond.

Engaging in such activities and taking the time to talk to your kids can be especially important for foster kids where their hobbies and interests provide a great icebreaker. Take the time to not only be engaged but to also talk to your foster kids so they learn to trust and open up to you. Such communication skills are important for anyone interested in fostering in the UK and who wants to create great relationships with their foster kids.

In cases where your kids have not developed any hobbies or interests yet, you can still find a way to spend time together by trying a new activity with them. Mini-golf, swimming, going to the museum or taking a bike ride are all new activities to try with the family.

Read Together Before Bedtime

Reading together before bedtime has the primary benefit of helping you spend quality time with your kids, and the secondary benefit of helping them improve their reading, comprehension and vocabulary.

If you cannot split your time to read to each of your kids, you can make it a family activity where you read together. You could also get the older kids to read to the younger ones. Doing so spreads the benefits of reading regularly to all your kids.

Let Them Help with the Chores

Every parent who has ever let their kids help with the chores knows that it takes much longer and more effort to get everything done when they help. However, what many people do not think about is how much of our free time we spend on choosing. While we handle the chores, we are not spending this time with the kids.

Instead of spending this time handling chores yourself, you can let the kids help. Doing so helps you achieve two things at the same time; you get to do everything you need to and spend time with your kids at the same time.

Just remember to assign chores that are age-appropriate and monitor the use of detergents and cleaning supplies to avoid accidents.

It can get harder to spend time with the family as our lives get busier. However, regularly dedicating an hour or two to spend with the family has lots of benefits. The good news is that doing so is not as difficult as you might think, although you might have to move a few things around to make the time.

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