Tyrone Mings retires to Bournemouth

By Paul Jewellery

Ipswich left-back Tyrone Mings has revealed he is fulfilling his life-long ambition – by moving to Bournemouth to retire.

He will join tens of thousands of pensioners in a comfortable lifestyle by the sea in Dorset, where the weather is nice all year round.

Mings, 22, who cost Ipswich Town just £10,000 when he arrived from non-league Chippenham Town two years ago, has now done his bit on the football field and is looking forward to putting his feet up.

Mings, right, on a previous visit to Bournemouth

A pal said: “Bournemouth is a great place for people to retire, in fact it’s full of old people enjoying their golden years.

“Tyrone has found a nice home where he will make new friends, and there’s even an on-site manager to keep an eye on them. He’s looking forward to lazy days on a deck chair soaking up the sunshine.”

An Ipswich Town insider added: “We wish Tyrone well in his retirement. The lads clubbed together and bought him a carriage clock.”

Mings scored one goal in 56 appearances for the Suffolk club, where he developed a strong relationship with the fans. They will now hope he enjoys his rest.

Pensioners enjoying Bournemouth promenade

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