Titus Bramble to open Ballroom Dance Academy in Ipswich

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Former Ipswich, Newcastle and Sunderland defender Titus Bramble has surprised his army of fans by starting up a dance academy in Ipswich.

Bramble – who was born and raised in the Suffolk town – was famed for his subtlety of movement as a player when he was able to turn on a sixpence.

And the 35-year old has revealed that it was his passion for the quick step which helped prolong his career in the Premier League.

“I was first drawn to ballroom when watching the first series of Strictly a few years back. I would watch the show on the way back from away games with Newcastle, and quite often lead Craig Bellamy down the aisle of the coach doing the fox-trot.

“It can be a hard life as a millionaire footballer, but my passion for ballroom helped me through it.”

So why Ipswich? “I’ve seen people dancing in Ipswich Town centre and it’s just not refined enough. This will give the locals a chance to learn some real culture.”

Since retiring from football in 2014, Bramble has spent much of his time exploring new vocations.

“I’m now a grade four on the harp, I’ve trained as a Yoga instructor and have read Bertrand Russel’s Introduction to Western Philosophy twice,” he explained.

The Academy will be run from at Coppleston Sports Centre on Thursday nights with people of all ages welcome. But Sharon Barron of Shotley is concerned that Bramble is stepping on her toes. “I’ve ran a very successful dance class (Shotley Hotshots) in the village hall for 25 years,” she said. “I can’t believe some football legend thinks he can waltz in and steal my clients. Why can’t he just go and be a bingo caller or something?”

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