Pole vault star leads track and field success at Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

Pole-vaulting star Darren Kipper was just one of the heroes on show as the world’s finest track and field athletes returned to the Olympic Stadium.

More than 50,000 spectators witnessed a brilliant effort by Kipper, 34, pictured above, as he ran the full length of the field with his pole before leaping high and clear over the perimeter fence.


Also on display was some fine long-jumping, with British champion Baz Numpty managing to leap more than eight metres using his innovative ‘head first’ technique.

Long jump at Olympic Stadium

But it was not just field events setting records in front of the highly-charged crowd.

On the track, the East London-based 200-metre relay team showed a brilliant turn of pace and technique on their way to victory.

Star of the show was Gary “Crusher” Smith, who took the baton brilliantly in the changeover for the last leg, and evaded all of those trying to chase him down.

Relay team


In a first for the Olympic Stadium, some other Olympic events were brought into the main arena for the first time.

Judo stars made the most of the big stage, with Britain’s Mark Noble defeating arch rival Arthur Braine, wrestling him to the floor and refusing to let him get up.

Judo at the Olympic Stadium

Andy finally, boxing made a welcome return to the Olympic Stadium, with fights breaking out in many areas, in scenes as surprising as a chronic asthma sufferer winning the Tour de France.

In other sporting news, self-entitled West Ham United fans, who were given a huge new stadium for free, are upset that their owners have not spent enough money.

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