‘Cheating’ Europe Ryder Cup captain faces sack

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Allardyce Ryder Cup Captain

By Sandy Driver, Golf Correspondent

Europe’s Ryder Cup captain Darren Allardyce will be sensationally sacked today just days into his leadership of the team.

Allardyce was trapped by undercover Golf Monthly reporters telling agents how his players could get an unfair handicap for the prestigious competition, meaning it is more likely they will beat the United States.

The revelations of “banditry” at the highest levels of the game has rocked the sport, which has done so much to clean up its act in recent years.

Allardyce has been called to crunch showdown talks with the R & A, golf’s governing body today and is expected to leave his position “by mutual consent”.

Captaining Europe’s 2016 Ryder Cup assault, which tees off at the Hazeltine National, Minnesota later today, was a dream job for Allardyce, who has spent many years captaining club teams in Britain.

But the astonishing Golf Monthly investigation looks likely to end his role just days after it began.

In the secret film, Allardyce told how he had a “slightly dodgy” method of getting his team to play the Ryder Cup with handicaps between 5 and ten, giving them a couple of vital extra shots each round.

And he also bragged about being able to go on a speaking engagement at a prestigious golfing dinner in Dubai for £400,000.

Europe Golf officials have are expected to appoint Gareth Southgate as a temporary captain for the next three days while they look for a permanent replacement.

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