Delia Smith humble pie

Here’s a yummy Delia Smith humble pie recipe which, like her football team, goes down wonderfully well.

The beauty of this pie is it can be produced on the cheap, but it also needs eating quickly because, although it is puffed up at first, it deflates soon after.

While other pies use no-expense-spared prime cuts of beef for the filling, Delia’s is offal. No, it really is awful.

With Norwich having been relegated this evening after Sunderland beat Everton at home, this is the perfect time to make this recipe from Delia, who owns Norwich and was once a famous television chef.

Simply take the entrails that no one else wanted and add some laughing stock. This mixture will be dreadfully bitter, and unfortunately, no amount of seasoning will remove the sour taste from your mouth.

No matter, take your pastry – flaky is best – and cover your filling, then pop it in the oven at 110 degrees for 90 minutes. It will then be suitably half-baked.

Carefully remove the humble pie from the heat and serve with the dumplings – there should be 11 of them, lined up in a hopeless defensive formation.

delia smith humble pieDelia Smith’s humble pie

Be sure to invite around some Norwich fans for a feast. Unfortunately, they will be barefoot having become too big for their boots in recent months.

And why not bring along star guest Ed Balls, the Norwich City chairman who has now screwed over the Canaries like he did the economy when he was chancellor of the exchequer. The dish will hopefully wipe that ridiculous grin off his face.


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