We walked 500 miles, then 500 more but didn’t share it on Facebook

Proclaimers walk 500 miles, then 500 more

Two Scottish brothers who walked 500 miles, then 500 more have revealed they had no desire to share their athletic prowess on Facebook in order to impress their friends.

Bespectacled twins Charlie and Craig Reid, 54, proclaimed they would make the epic 1,000-mile trek in 1988, long before apps like Strava or Map My Ride existed.


It meant they did not have an annoying compulsion to show off how well they had done while sneering at lazy acquaintances who spend their weekends in front the TV.

Loraine Fisher, 34, a pal of the brothers said: “Facebook is full of people bragging about how far they cycled or how quickly they ran that day. Some even share their dog walks.

“Well Charlie and Craig went 500 miles, then 500 more and didn’t feel the need to share a single step of it on social media.”


An insider at Strava, the app that records an athlete’s every move, said even if the brothers had wanted to use the app on their marathon walk it wouldn’t have worked.

“I’m afraid that assuming they walked 3.5 miles an hour, it would have taken them 286 hours, in which case their phone battery would have died.”

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