Suffolk’s foraging king joins MasterChef


Suffolk’s famous foraging chef Robin Fields is to join TV’s MasterChef as a judge alongside John Torode And Greg Wallace.

Producers thought John and Greg were becoming a little dull and that Robin, 34, who runs Nettles restaurant in Aldeburgh, would make an exciting new ingredient for the next series.

Robin runs a cookery school at Nettles where cooks are taught plant identification of seaweeds, fruits, nuts….and which mushrooms and toadstools can kill.

He and his team forage for wild food all around East Anglia.

But he has warned fans of his books not to copy him as Mother Nature could be wrecked.

“We plunder woodlands for fungi, acorns and dandelions. Our nettle risotto with acorn kebab served with a lugbait emulsion, is a favourite on our menu.

“And people love the cuckoo-pint pannacotta with sorrel foam sitting under a rose-hip jelly drizzle. Our burdock burger flecked with yarrow and wild garlic is going down well.

“Some of our food tastes like shite but we have the benefit of knowing we paid nothing for ingredients..

“We did have a problem with a student picking deadly nightshade but you can’t make foraging risk-free.

“My signature dish is Kentucky Fried Chickweed with eleven secret spices with a side of confit hedgehog legs on a lavender snail pancake.”

Suffolk Trust In Wildlife said: “We wish these foragers would all clear off. They are picking some scarce plants and we’ve had to break up fights over shaggy ink cap mushrooms.

“They trample the fields with their poxy £75 artisan foraging baskets stuffed with berries. What about the poor old birds?”

A MasterChef spokesman said: “We look forward to filming with Mr Fields and feel he will bring a fresh look to the shows without poisoning too many viewers.”

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