Star Wars filmed in Hampshire, crash causes concern

From our Hampshire Correspondent

Filming of the latest Star Wars movie has switched from Saudi Arabia to England’s south coast in order to save funds.

Known by locals as “the finest beach in sight of a refinery anywhere on the Solent”, Calshot Spit has been transformed into a spaceport for the re­shooting of several scenes for JJ Abrams’ much-anticipated film.

But Harrison Ford’s allegedly reckless piloting of the Millennium Falcon on the famous Hampshire beach has put sun­seeking tourists’ lives in danger.

The sci-fi scene towards Fawley Refinery

Emergency services responded promptly to a 999 call from a member of the public after the famous actor appeared to get into difficulty during a scene for the seventh installment of the movie franchise.

Studio bosses refuted claims that they tried to keep the accident under wraps, especially as amateur mobile ­phone footage appeared to show Ford making numerous failed attempts to land his interstellar spacecraft.

Families were left to run for their lives as the craft appeared to lose control on its final, unsuccessful, landing.

At least two dog­walkers are being treated in nearby Lymington Cottage Hospital for second-degree burns from the spaceship’s engine blast, whilst the RNLI has been unable to confirm that two canine corpses washed up in East Cowes are those of the missing hounds, Rusty and Steel.

Harrison Ford: not flying today

Meanwhile, the Ashlett Creek pub, The Jolly Sailor has seen its prices trebled as the landlord has sought to cash­ in on the Hollywood atmosphere that has been brought to this isolated part of the South of England.

Jolly Sailor regular Oliver Pint told our reporter: “Paying nearly £9 for a beer is very high, but I am consoled by the fact that my £220-a-year beach hut is now worth nearly half a million pounds.

“Carrie Fisher and her cronies may well want to buy a piece of my heritage, but until that money comes through how on earth am I supposed to entertain myself living in Calshot?”

Families of the two missing dogs have organised a memorial service for Tuesday of next week. They have asked that people respect their privacy and do not send any more flowers, although Bonio biscuits are most welcome.

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