Smug, self-entitled twit Ross Greer achieves impossible, makes Piers Morgan look normal

Ross Greer and Piers Morgan

A smirking little twat who claims Winston Churchill was a mass-murdering white supremacist, has achieved the impossible and made Piers Morgan look normal, Britain has agreed.

The self-entitled Scottish twerp, just 24, was somehow elected as a member of the Scottish Parliament but has outraged the country with his disgusting views.

After spouting off on Twitter, sniveling Greer then debated Churchill’s legacy with Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

In his pathetic appearance, he achieved the impossible and made Morgan look entirely normal and respectful.

Viewer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Millions of people will be disgusted by Greer’s self-entitled views.

“But he has managed something extraordinary, making us all agree with Piers.

“That takes a special kind of numbskull.”

Greer smirked his way through the debate on GMB, out-twitting Morgan by a country mile.

His performance left viewers wondering just how long Britain would have lasted in World War Two if people like him were on the front line.

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