Prince Harry sues Suffolk Gazette over Framlingham Castle fiasco

By Jane Seymour, Royal Correspondent

The Suffolk Gazette is facing extraordinary legal action from the Royal Family after an article claimed the Queen had handed Framlingham Castle to Prince Harry on a plate.

As the Mail on Sunday begins to defend its action from Harry and Meghan, the Suffolk Gazette thinks it’s completely f*cked because “it’s had a couple of dodgy stories”.

The normally accurate paper reported The Queen had been handed the castle as a gift, a claim that upset a lot of people.

Then, it was said that Harry and Meghan had been presented with the castle as a gift. Now the normally reliable paper is in trouble.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, a spokesperson for the newspaper, said: “We’re completely f*cked.

“I mean, really?”

Harry and Meghan really don’t like newspapers and as a result, the Suffolk Gazette is absolutely screwed.

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