Woman suffers burns trying to photocopy breasts

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Photocopier burns breasts

A woman suffered severe burns after trying to photocopy her breasts at an office party.

The unnamed marketing executive, 27, was taken to Ipswich Hospital after the prank at her law firm’s summer party went wrong.

She had nipped away from the drinks reception to use the photocopier to make a saucy image, which she intended leave on her pal’s desk “for a joke”.

But the stunt went wrong when extra-strong UV light from the copier reacted with the pale skin of her breasts, causing a red burn across her chest that needed treatment at accident and emergency.

A hospital insider said: “She was in pain when she turned up in a taxi – her breasts were very red. But she was probably more embarrassed than anything else.

“She was given some special cream which should speed up her recovery.”

The A & E worker said the woman had managed to keep her antics secret from work colleagues. “She joked with doctors that she would not be drinking at the next office party.”

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