Penny Lancaster arrives in Ipswich with her mum for Rod Stewart’s concert

Penny Lancaster (right), with her mother Deidre arriving in Ipswich

Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster arrives in Ipswich with her mother for the rocker’s concert at Portman Road in Ipswich.

The former model has clearly got her good looks and dress sense from her mum.

They were snapped arriving at the football stadium for 74-year-old Rod’s concert, which is expected to attract many more people than the football club has managed all season.

Rod Stewart fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, managed to take this charming photo of Penny and her mum, Deidre, 74.

“They looked like any other daughter and her proud mum out to enjoy a good time together.

“Penny clearly gets her fashion ideas from her mum, who was sporting a lovely brown handbag.”

After performing in Ipswich, Rod has another eight dates this summer before taking a break until November.

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