Grouse numbers falling, complain people who shoot grouse

Grouse shoot
Fair game: a grouse

By Phil McCracken, Scotland Correspondent

People who blast grouse out of the sky in the name of sport are surprised that grouse numbers are falling, it has emerged.

Hunters who like nothing better than shooting the birds for four months from the Glorious 12th wonder why there seem to be fewer of them about.

Lorraine McFisher, 34, had been looking forward to slaughtering dozens of grouse, either with an expert shot or by injuring them and letting her dogs get them for finishing off.

“We like to shoot lots of grouse,” she said. “But I wonder why it is there are not many grouse about?”

Estate owners blame late snow in 2018 followed by a long dry spell reducing the number of breeding birds.

But most people think it’s more to do with the fact that they are simply killing them all.

Grouse Alan, aged three, said: “Most of my friends have been shot and that goes for the women, too. And they’re surprised numbers are down?

“The truth is, those of us who managed to survive previous massacres have also got pretty good at hiding.”

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