Eyes down for Great British Bake Off 2019 bingo


The Great British Bake Off is back and the 2019 edition marks the tenth series of the popular home-baking show. Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul have returned to our screens and the contestants are already battling it out for Star Baker. What better way to play along at home than with Bake Off bingo?

There are so many classic lines and buzzwords (and innuendos) we expect to hear on the show, and even if you’ve not seen the show or know what to expect, you can still play along too. Or if online bingo is more your thing, check out the latest available rooms and cash prizes at: https://bingo.paddypower.com/c/bingo-jackpots.

We’ve listed 25 scenarios we can expect to see, so tick these off as you go. The winner is the first person to shout out when they hear or see each of the below and ultimately the person who has the most wins by the end of the night. Bonus points if you’re eating cake while playing/watching – because let’s be honest, are you even a Great British Bake Off fan if you’re not watching with treats?

Without further ado, here are the situations to look out for.

  1. Contestant gets told their flavours complement each other in the Signature Bake
  2. Contestant gets told their flavour combinations don’t work in the Signature Bake
  3. Prue or Paul explain why the Technical Bake is virtually impossible (while eating said bake)
  4. Contestant’s Technical Bake looks spot-on
  5. Contestant claims they have never heard of the Technical Bake (or any of its ingredients) or how to make it
  6. Contestant’s Technical Bake looks like a car crash (bonus point if it is then slated by Paul or Prue)
  7. Upon being presented with a Showstopper, Paul and/or Prue laugh as they don’t know what to make of it
  8. Contestant assembles their Showstopper – only for it to then fall apart
  9. A presenter announces “Bakers, you have one minute”
  10. Paul and Prue disagree on their verdict
  11. Paul awards a famous ‘Hollywood Handshake’
  12. The judges say “good luck” because they know a bake won’t work
  13. A contestant’s bake has a ‘soggy bottom’
  14. The word ‘moist’ is used, causing you to shudder
  15. A bake is under-cooked or raw (bonus point if Paul says “I can’t eat that”)
  16. A contestant forgets an ingredient (bonus point if it’s too late to salvage)
  17. A contestant has to start their bake again
  18. Contestant watches the oven intently, as if it’s the latest blockbuster
  19. Somebody drops something on the floor
  20. Contestant needs to stop their bake to apply a plaster (bonus point if the medical team are seen)
  21. Noel is wearing a brightly coloured/patterned item of clothing
  22. Paul uses the phrase “it’s a good bake” as he has nothing else to say about it
  23. A contestant uses alcohol in their bake and there’s a joke about Prue wanting it
  24. Camera pans to ‘Star Baker’ in tears and they then call home
  25. Contestant going home says they “enjoyed the experience”, or “made friends for life”

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