Earth rotation slowed by fidget spinners, one second gained

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Fidget Spinners affect earth rotation

The fidget spinner craze has caused the earth’s rotation to slow – and we have all gained one second as a result, experts say.

Boffins found that millions of children’s fidget spinners, all whizzing in a clockwise direction, have created a gravitational force that pulls against the earth’s anti-clockwise rotation.

Analysis at the Miami Astro-Physics Institute found the force created by fidget spinners was sufficient to have slowed the globe’s spin, and that we have all effectively gained one second as a result.

Fidget spinners

“It should not have any lasting impact,” Professor Jim Jakowski concluded in his research paper, which is now being picked up by media around the world.

He added: “It would need all the fidget spinners in the world to be used at the same time to further slow down the earth’s rotation. If it came to a stop, then time would stand still. If the rotation went the other way, we would all go back in time. But I don’t think that’s likely to happen.”

Professor Terence Johnson, of Suffolk University, said: “People shouldn’t be too worried about this – the world will correct itself when this fidget spinner craze is over.”

But shoppers in Ipswich were furious. Annie Isaac, 25, fumed: “What am I going to do with an extra second? Blink and it’s gone.”

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