Gran’s tuna-tin fidget spinner knocks out boy

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A Suffolk grandmother has been cautioned by police after knocking her eight-year-old grandson out cold with a home-made fidget spinner.

The simple toy has taken the country by storm and some schools have banned them because they disrupted lessons and caused injuries.

Betty Grainger, 56, from Stowmarket, looked at pictures of the popular toy and decided to make one for Joel to play with in the summer holidays.

“It looked so simple. I’ve seen them in the papers and thought it was a waste of money when I could make one for Joel. I often knit him things like Star Wars figures and crocheted the characters from Toy Story.

“He much prefers my individual creative designs to the shop ones, so much that he leaves them in a box in his bedroom so none of the other kids steal them.

“Anyway, I made the fidget spinner by super-glueing together three tins of tuna. He was delighted.

Tuna fidget spinner

“I thought the kids threw them around, just like the frisbee I once made for him from a paint tin lid.”

Mrs Grainger hurled the fidget spinner to Joel, knocking him over and causing concussion. When he came round, his Mum, Mandy, took him to the doctor, who called the police.

Sergeant Will Knabbem, from Suffolk Police, said: “We realised it was an accident but need to deter this kind of irresponsible behavior. Mrs Grainger accepted a caution – and promised to stop making toys.”

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