Intrigue over Suffolk version of Monopoly

A Suffolk version of Monopoly, the popular game for all the family, has upset some residents of Haverhill because it is in the Old Kent Road spot on the board.

Great Cornard is also in the cheap ‘brown’ section of the Suffolkopoly game, which also features extensive Greater Anglia delays rather than four traditional stations.

Southwold and Aldeburgh sit proudly in the dark blue colours, in spots reserved for Mayfair and Park Lane in the traditional game.

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In Suffolkopoly the Electric Works has been replaced by the Sizewell Radiation Centre, the Water Works by a cheap but excellent Polish plumber, and there is also a Go To Norwich square, which nobody wants to land on.

But the game, conceived by Suffolk Gazette staff after a lengthy “editorial strategy meeting” in the Greyhound pub in Ipswich, has caused a big debate on social media.

Of the hundreds of comments, a representative two people from Haverhill were upset their town was the cheapest on the board. “It’s typical of the snobbishness of Suffolk,” said one.

“I have never read your newspaper and now never will,” said another, without seemingly realising the Suffolk Gazette is not a newspaper.

Others noted that Diss and Dedham, which were also given spots, were not even in Suffolk.

Suffolk Gazette Editor Simon Young said: “What did they expect from a game that was devised after a few too many pints of Adnams?

“If they want a more accurate game, they should just make it up like we did.”

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