Mongolia paint sold after magnolia production error

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By Suffolk Gazette Staff

Builders and decorators have been alerted to a batch of Dulux Magnolia paint which was accidentally labelled as MONGOLIA.

Design boffins at the Stowmarket factory had changed the styles of the tin labels to make them more easily visible for customers.

But there was a printing error, believed to be caused by text auto-correct, resulting in thousands of tins of the famous Dulux Trade paint being shipped out with the embarrassing error.

The mistake came to light when a plumber/builder from Stowmarket purchased 50 tins of Mongolia.

His customers didn’t believe it was the same paint – for Magnolia is a soft fragrant plant, while Mongolia is a land-locked country in Asia, once run by Genghis Khan.

Mongolia paintWhoops: one of the rogue tins of Mongolia paint

Paul Fibbins, 42, said: “People love Magnolia as it is so inoffensive and blends well with brighter soft furnishings. We use loads of it trade. I took my order and just as I opened the tin I wondered if I was still hungover. It clearly said MONGOLIA. Every time our clients see Mongolia now they think we are a cowboy crew buying knock off paint from some Del Boy character.”

He added: “I contacted the factory in Stowmarket. We still call it ICI Dulux factory, but it has a new name now like Azko Nobel. They explained the printing error but said the paint was the faithful old Magnolia. To be honest me and my mate Kev were just pleased they got the Dulux bit right or that could have been more embarrassing.”

An insider at Azko Nobel said: “We are glad the mistake was drawn to our attention.

“Meanwhile, we are preparing a new 2017 paint range, including Town Blue, which is good for bathrooms, and Sheeran Orange, which is an autumnal shade to suit large rooms. We are also testing a new heritage hue named Dock Sludge.”

If you buy a tin of Dulux Trade Mongolia, you have the word of the honest Suffolk Gazette that the paint inside will still be that old favourite you wanted.

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