Coke dealer dreaming of white Christmas

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Ipswich cocaine dealer Darren Dee says business has been so good that it’s going to be a very white Christmas after all.

“Everyone says they want to have snow for Christmas,” Darren told the Suffolk Gazette in an exclusive interview. “And although the weather is unseasonably warm, I have been able to provide my special snow all over the place.”


Line of duty: Coke dealer claims he’s delivering a white Christmas after all

Mr Dee — not his real name — said Ipswich party animals could sniff out a bargain and had placed huge orders for coke to keep them celebrating happily throughout the holidays.

He explained: “I had to get a special delivery on the train from London, and my little runners then brought it to my flat on the docks. From there I am arranging the most popular white Christmas since Bing Crosby.”

Mr Dee, 34, boasted how the police had failed to crack his white Christmas operation because they were too busy clearing beggars off the town’s streets.

“They don’t have the manpower to do anything about me,” he said, wiping his nose and rubbing his gums. “There are drugs all over the place.”

A Suffolk police insider said officers were furious at claims that they were indifferent. He said: “The original Bing Crosby song was okay, but here at the station we preferred the Girls Aloud version of White Christmas, followed by Boney M’s.”

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